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Two-Day Course


Become a TFT Practitioner

Dr. Nora J. Baladerian has received training from Dr. Roger Callahan in four levels of Thought Field Therapy: basic algorithms, diagnostic techniques, individual energy toxins, and optimal health (including voice technology).

Dr. Baladerian is authorized by Callahan Techniques -- TFT to teach the basic two-day algorithm course.  After completing this course, students receive a certificate authorized by Callahan Techniques entitling them to practice basic algorithym TFT therapy. 

For individuals who have taken a basic TFT course, a refresher class is available to increase their knowledge and to become more confident as a TFT practitioner.

In addition to the two-day course and refresher class, Dr. Baladerian also hosts a peer consultation gathering of practitioners in the Los Angeles area every six weeks on a Sunday.


Refresher Class

Peer Consultation




Dr. Nora J. Baladerian