Healing with Thought Field Therapy


Next Refresher Class is June 16, 2012




Refresher Class

The one-day Refresher Class is for anyone who has taken the 2-day Algorithm course, or the 3-day Boot Camp course from any practitioner.  

This one day course is both to review basic treatment protocols, to discuss common errors made by new practitioners, to re-gain confidence in administering TFT through discussion and guided experience as well as modeling of how to conduct a TFT session from start to finish.  

While many take the 2-day weekend course or 3-day Boot Camp course and are excited about what they have learned, it is also true that many feel overwhelmed by all they have learned in such a short period of time, and feel they do not have any way to refresh without repeating the whole course!  

With this one-day option, you can just pick up the manual that may have been set aside somewhere, attend the Refresher Class, and find the answers to your questions and ease in administering the therapy.  

The cost of the Refresher Class is $190. Contact Dr. Baladerian to register.



Dr. Nora J. Baladerian