Healing with Thought Field Therapy
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Location:  Los Angeles
Date: Nov. 10-11
Time: 9am to 4pm each day

Cost to Register: $380
Early Registration: $360 (by Nov 1)
Contact: drnora@doctor.com

This class is open to anyone.  No prior experience or therapeutic training is required.

Future trainings:   to be announced

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Dr. Nora J. Baladerian
Certified TFT Trainer
(310) 473-6768

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Two Day Course

In this two day course, the foundations of Thought Field Therapy are taught so the student has a good understanding of what mechanisms are in place that cause the shift in emotional status.  

The teaching methods are both didactic and experiential, thus throughout the two days, each student has the opportunity to experience receiving and administering TFT treatments.

Although TFT may appear simple in its administration, the "why's" of how it works are complex, and fully explored in the class.  In addition to the foundations, the process through which TFT was discovered, refined, and continues to be refined are explained.  

Each student receives a comprehensive manual and other handout material, that explain how to use TFT for personal and professional healing.  Concepts such as overcoming disbelief both for the practitioner and one's patients are discussed, as well as what to do if a treatment does not work.

Finally, each student will take a comprehensive examination at the end of the course prior to receiving their Certificate as a TFT Algorithm Practitioner.